Feeding yourself with what makes you strong

Nutrition has a great influence on our life and how we feel about it. If you provide your body with the right nutritional building blocks, you are more efficient and have more energy. I will work with you to develop an individual nutritional concept that will help you achieve your optimal weight and healthy appearance and will help you to feel comfortable in your body again.

In addition to individual nutrition coaching, I also give lectures on the latest findings from nutritional research. My themes:
- How does balance taste: What is the cause of my imbalance?
- Again angry: What to do in case of chronic acidosis?
- Tired already in the morning: We regenerate my body and make it vital and healthy?
- Dream figure instead of Dit nightmare: What is the key to success?
- Fit with Food: What dietary supplements do I need if I do a lot of sport / competitive sports?

The lecture dates can be arranged.
- in the company for the workforce
- in the hotel for the staff
- in the hotel for guests
- before members in the club / sports club

If required, bio-impedance measurements can also be carried out on individual persons. Investment 10 minutes per person.