Integral Human Coaching

Shaping life itself - with movement, energy and a strong personality

Everything in our body is connected: If the body does not feel well, the mind cannot fully unfold. If the soul does not feel well, this is reflected in the body. That's why I coach holistically. I look at the person in his environment from his various perspectives, which I then bring together to form a unity. By combining cellular nutrition, physical exercise and personal coaching, I give people three tools for their personal happiness.

I would like to accompany you as a person with care in doing something for your well-being. I would like to support you in discovering new joyful habits and to anchor them firmly in your everyday life. I want to encourage you to live your life authentically, honestly, colourfully and powerfully.

"you are amazing just the way you are"

Activate your power to create

Design your life with happiness: As a personality coach, I would like to give you the power to shape your own life. With the means that are already in you - you just have to activate them:


Recognize what you need to be happy.
Recognize who you are and what makes you strong.
Use your strength to become stronger.
Recognize your limits to blast them.
Outline your visions and shape the world around you.
If you do what you live for and believe in, you are incredibly strong.

Bring colour and joy into your life and draw a new perspective.
From now on, design with passion every day.

As your coach, I'll come with you. I help you to increase your mental and physical strength, increase your energy levels and feel the joy of change. You alone are your secret. Get to know it - then it's yours.

Coaching for specific occasions:
- Stay in power: Burnout prevention.
- Recapture my ME: Help for physically and mentally abused women.
- Turning pain into strength: processing psychological injuries
- Power of my beauty: recognizing and transforming the cause of eating disorders.
- Discover my new personality. Developing new perspectives.

- Take leave and gain strength: emerge strengthened from mourning and re-orientate.

The individual coaching sessions take place in my studio, outdoors or at a location of your choice. I am also happy to advise you via Skype, ZOOM or telephone.

In a free and non-binding preliminary discussion I will gladly answer all your questions about my coaching sessions.