Sandy Sahagun: From product designer to life designer

The diversity and colourfulness of life was given to me in the cradle: My Persian grandmother fell in love with my Mexican grandfather and my Mexican mother chose my Italian father. From the very beginning I had a rich cultural treasure at my disposal, from which I reassembled the most beautiful things for my own identity. Thus design became my life's work and passion early on.


"Design was my life. Until I began to design my own life".

Ten years ago, a burnout forced me to end my international career as a jewelry and product designer. I had to redesign my life and it was only logical for me to do this again as a designer: As a design coach who helps others to shape their lives in such a way that they are fulfilled and happy.

To achieve this, I set out on the three most important points for a fulfilled life: I became a yoga teacher and certified faceyoga teacher and thus a movement designer. I became a nutritionist to shape energy. With my training with my teacher Veit Lindau, I finally became a personality designer who brings all three components together.

It is my inner motivation as a designer to assemble the best things that a person carries and to make them stronger together. My colourful background helps me to see the colours in every person.

As a designer, I know how much you can change your surroundings with shape, colour and ideas. I want to make this power of design accessible to everyone.

My most beautiful design today is: Happiness
What's yours?

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