Sandy Sahagun

Integrales Human Coaching

photographer armin zogbaum
photographer armin zogbaum

Happiness is no coincidence. Happiness is design.

You can design rooms. You can decorate tables. You can sketch meetings. You can make your day. Why don't you design your whole life? Take a pencil in your hand and start.


Design your own life - with integral human coaching

What do you want to see in the picture of your life? What perspective are you recording? What is the outline and details? And above all: Where do you start?

As a former product designer and today's life designer, I want to awaken the power in you that can shape. That changes everything with a new line and shows unimagined perspectives. You will find this power where you are strongest: in your authenticity. Discover your strengths and develop your full potential. Live your life more actively and at the same time easier, healthier and more successful.

Integral human coaching

Yoga, nutrition and personality counselling

The power that creates change feeds on the three sources of movement, energy and perception. Therefore, in addition to personality counselling, I offer movement training with yoga and nutrition counselling. In this way I can support the person holistically: I look at him in his surroundings from his various perspectives and then bring them together to form a unit. By combining cellular nutrition, physical exercise and personal coaching, I can give the client three means of personal happiness.


Create power from every movement

If you want to change something, you have to move. Yoga is the movement that forms a strong unity of body and mind and connects you to your inner energy source.

I teach Hatha YOGA Flow, the flowing dynamic form of yoga. Hatha YOGA Flow allows body movement and breath to flow dynamically into each other and transforms movement into meditation.

Feel your power with every movement. More information

Hatha YOGA Flow for every leve:

- as a private lesson at my home

- as a private lesson at your home

- in the group

- Company yoga: tailored to your  form and your employees.


Discover your power to create

Find the power to take control of your own life and shape it. As your coach I accompany you on your way to a healthy, authentic and powerful life. I help you to increase your mental and physical strength, increase your energy levels and feel the joy of change. More information

Individual coaching at your home, in the company, in my studio or outdoors in nature.


Feeding yourself with what makes you strong.

Change needs energy. Nutrition can give you this energy - if it doesn't get tired and tired. With a balanced diet you can control your energy system and get closer to your personal goals in body shaping, performance and health. More information

- Nutrition in coaching
- Dietary counseling separately
- Nutrition courses in the group
- Lectures for clubs, sports clubs, hotels and companies.


"Food be your medicine,
not medicine your food!"

Quote: Hippocrates